INTAAC 14, September 25th-26th
University of Turkish Aeronautical Association

We are truly proud of breaking a new ground worthy of our university with the “1st INTERNATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS CONFERENCE (INTAAC’14)” held in the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association on September 25th-26th 2014 with the theme ‘Aerospace Materials’.

The conference held with the great interest of academicians, managers and staff of the sector operating in this field in our country was initiated by the UTAA Faculty of Engineering Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Izzet Gokhan Ozbilgin with an opening speech. Mr. Ozbilgin emphasized that the significant studies regarding aircrafts and spacecraft of Turkish origin can only be conducted if academic studies are turned into technology and integrated with the industry. Afterwards, the Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Unsal Ban and the Rector of our academic partner Vaughn College Prof. Dr. Sharon DeVivo made an opening speech. Mr. Ban provided some information concerning the historical development of aeronautics and astronautics in our country, achievements of recently accelerated studies and the current and future roles of our university in this manner. Mrs. Devivo stated that they appreciated participating in INTAAC’14 which was held for the first time, researches conducted in this field, and the cooperation of both universities in academic field.

Pioneer scientists conducting researches in the field of Aerospace Materials and the experts of the sector came together in INTAAC’14, developments in our country regarding the materials used in the manufacture of new generation aircrafts were examined, answers were sought for the relevant questions and ideas were exchanged.

In this regard, NANOTAM director Prof. Dr. Ekmel Ozbay, Sabanci University Department of Materials Science & Nano Engineering lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melih Papila, Prof. Dr. Omer Soykasap lecturer in Afyon Kocatepe University Department of Materials Science and Engineering, lecturer of Vaughn College Dr. Yougashwar Budhoo, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ferhat Kadioglu lecturer in UTAA Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Burak Gozluklu from TAI, Mr. Gokhan Biricik from ASELSAN Inc., Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Demiral lecturer in UTAA Department of Mechanical Engineering, lecturer of ITU Department of Astronautical Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Hulya Cebeci, Mr. Serhan Gokcebag from HAVELSAN Inc., Mr. Tugrul Ertekin from ASELSAN Inc. made presentations about the projects they carried out in this field.

During the panel held on the first day of the conference, “Aerospace Materials Sector in Turkey, Material Certification and Commercialization” issue was discussed and the panel was met with great interest on the part of the participants. The panel, moderated by the Sabanci University Vice President, was attended by Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, Prof. Dr. Omer Soykasap, Mrs. Fatma Çalışkan from the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Directorate General for Aviation and Space Technologies, Mr. Ufuk Yavuz from the TSI Aviation Seats Inc., Mr. Engin Guclu from the Federal Aviation Administration (Designated Engineering Representative) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kaya from the UTAA Faculty of Air Transportation. The panel deeply discussed the importance of certification in turning the academic studies conducted in Turkey into products as well as addressing the issue of state aids.

All our guests interested in aviation had great time during the campus tour and visit of the aviation museum organized on the second day of the conference.

The purpose of this conference was to take our country a step forward in the sector and to help our country produce its own technologies and market them as well as having a corner in the international arena with the domestic technological aerospace materials. We would like to extend our thanks to all those that made a speech in the conference as well as other participants from different regions.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our sponsors ASELSAN, BITES, BORAJET, Corendon Airlines, Global Teknik Inc., HAVELSAN, Pearson, Serenas Group and STM which provided full support for the conference. Moreover, we would like to give our thanks to the UTAA student clubs, ANKA Aviation and Space Club and the NEBULA Space System Club for their support to the organization committee.

We are planning to organize this conference next year with another theme in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. We would be very pleased to see you over there.

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